The Re-Birth Continues

So in the days since my last post things have moved.

An eclipse, moments of satori and so many ethereal beings around me. Not just in the corner of my eyes but standing before, beside and behind me.

Wonderful feeling to have them back. This is truly a period of transition.

Words fail me but the learning continues. I’m in a new country, learning a new culture that feels like I’ve always known it but the possibility of faux pas still exists. I tread carefully, smile often, listen constantly.

Muganunja is here too, watching, learning, acting as a conduit for me.

A time of stillness and great change.

Life the paradox.

The Cycle Continues

Following a few years in other areas of endeavour, The Druid’s Inner Circle has called me back.

The voices of the Ancients have been whispering for some time so here I am again.

A new theme, a new focus and, hopefully, a deeper understanding of the world.

At this stage, the blog will be the centre of my focus. I see a podcast down the road. If people have suggests on content for the podcast please get in touch through the contact page.

After so long away, I feel as if I have come home but to a home much changed, as indeed am I.


From the Rock of Earth, From the Depth of Sea, From the Strength of Wind, Jon Moore.