Celtic Tree Zodiac

The Celtic Year is divided into thirteen months. This mirrors the cycles of the moon. Each month is assigned a tree. This tree is yours for life. It is very significant. Below are the Months named after the tree, their dates and interpretations.

Birch   24Dec- 20Jan 

Colour: White

Strong and dependable you bring cleansing and renewal to those who surround you. This is a constant theme for you during this life time. At the start of a new cycle of lives, you are to spend this life removing the accumulated detritus from past cycles. Laying the foundations for this and the next lives.


Rowan 21Jan – 17Feb

Colour: Dark Grey

You are a magical person. Discovering and developing your magical gifts are the focus for you. You are wonderful in relationships, if a little too willing to bow to the needs of others. You bring the wonder of the world to those around you.


Ash 18Feb – 17Mar

Ogham: f Colour: Blue/Green

You are an enchanting person. You mission is to show the beauty of this world to those who live on it. Your challenge is to stay grounded enough to avoid living in the other realms entirely. You will visit these, you must come back.


Alder 18Mar – 14Apr

Colour: Crimson

You are the doers of the Celtic Zodiac. Fire and purification on the metaphysical level, destruction and rebuilding on the physical. You will find your life filled things to do. Ensuring you allow and give yourself time off, this will be a tremendously productive life time.


Willow 15Apr – 12May

Colour: Yellow/Pink

You are the changelings of the Celtic Zodiac. The willow grows quickly, is cut back by the storms of life and then re-grows quickly again. Adapting to all that life has to throw at you, you will end this life with the same essential core and very different outward appearances. A lifetime of dealing with change.


Hawthorn 13May – 9Jun

Colour: Black

You are the conduit to the ancestors. You are able to feel and express the ancient power of the tribe. You will spend your life, somewhat at odds to the rest of humanity and, paradoxically, defending those dear to you. You will be the cornerstone of your family. Conservative, affectionate and a radical all at the same time. You are a foundation for those around you.

Oak 10Jun – 7July

Colour: Dark Brown

Optimistic, self confident, you just know things. This is because you are connected intimately to the ancient knowings of the Druids. They took their name from the Celtic for Oak: Duir. This connection is special and sacred but you will probably spend the first half of your life learning to connect and interpret this gift. Your optimism will help you though until then. The second half will be full of understanding.

Holly 8Jul – 4Aug

Colour: Scarlet

You have a deep connection to and gifts for understanding the deeper, hidden side of humanity. While the Holly is evergreen, it fruits in winter, in the darkness of the year. Understanding the deep, dark, secret desires of others and yourself will take some time. Once mastered you can channel and direct these urgings to the light of day. Here they will be brought to joy.

Hazel 5Aug – 1Sep 

Colour: Orange Brown

“Oh wise and understanding one.” This is how others see you. You will struggle to reach this understanding of yourself. It will be worth the effort. The Hazel contains all the knowledge of the world. This can be a heavy burden in youth and a valuable asset as an a adult. Develop your understanding with your years.


Bramble 2Sep – 29Sep

Colour: Purple

Wild, unstoppable energy is your hallmark. This is your saving grace and your greatest downfall. Driven to do, at a thousand miles an hour, you will achieve greatness and miss many opportunities along the way. Do not despair. This breakneck speed is you. Just remember to stop and rest or you will constantly suffer burnout and be forced into rest.


Ivy 30Sep – 27 Oct

Colour: Light Blue

Power to overcome is your strength. The slow, steady swamping of opposition is your way. As the ivy survives the tree it smothers, so too will you smother that which stands in your way. Slowly, inevitably you will find the form, location and direction you need in this life. A sense of immortality and the ancient surrounds you.


Reed 28Oct – 24Nov

Colour: Light Yellow Green

Words and their use are your foundation. A lifetime of creativity and expression, bending to the waters of your times yet firmly rooted in the Earth and reality, you are able to express the currents and flows of your times. A remarkable talent that can bring great friends who see your gifts and bitter enemies who don’t want to hear. Seasons come and go but the Reed stands firm in the waters.


Elder   25Nov – 23Dec

Colour: Red

You have a lifetime of understanding the cycles of human existence. Spiritual and magical with potential psychic talents you are in the last life of this cycle. Death and renewal, the small separation between the living and the dead, all form part of your journey this time around. Make your peace continually with those around you and the world in general. This cycle of lives is closing and endings are as important as beginnings.