Celtic Numerology

Numerology is based upon the idea that all of creation is a series of vibrations. This corresponds, to some degree, with current quantum physics. The vibrations that effect us are contained within our birth date. By using the standard birth date and one generated from the Celtic Tree Calendar, it is possible to recognize patterns and directions in our lives.

What’s Different About Celtic Numerology?

Celtic Numerology vibrations are intimately linked to the “magick” of tree energy and the Druidic connection to them. The Celts being a practical people, these vibrations relate to how we make our way in the outside world. They are best interpreted along side the standard vibrations which express what we are here to learn. A combination of the two give lessons and directions. I have found these to be invaluable when trying to understand why I’m here AND what I could be doing.

Booke of Dayes

This is a follow on from Celtic Numerology. I am developing a system that relates a channeled statement for each day of the year. These I am calling the Celtic Sabians. They are a Celtic version of the Sabian Symbols.It will relate to the date of birth, act as a guide through the year and as a divinational tool for dipping into when in need of guidance. This is a huge project. It is a challenge I am enjoying.

Druids Inner Circle Oracle Cards

This follows on from the Celtic Numerology and the Booke of Dayes. It takes the divinational nature of these tools and deploys it in a more traditional manner. The cards, at this stage, are divided into an animal “major arcana” and three suits of “minor arcana” cards. The testing process is proving promising.